Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eating: Providore, Hobart

We started the day out with the excellent intentions of exploring the areas around Hobart, but the reality was brunch, shopping, just-for-fun scratchies and an amazing late lunch at Providore.

By the time we had decided we were ready for lunch most of the lunch places had closed. We were lucky to find Providore open and headed in for something quick. The decor is completed with beautiful elements giving it a rustic Australian kitchen farmhouse feel. The cafe also doubles as a pantry with it’s shelves stocked full with beautiful produce. As you enter you are greeted with an open salad bar that’s self serve and sold by weight (100g increments). The sandwiches are made to order and wonderfully fresh.

At its core this place is a sandwich shop, but then there is so much more. They do sandwiches in a way that is greater than the invention of sliced bread.

The roast chicken sandwich is a little parcel of perfection with an accompaniment of salad, encompassed by one of the best brioche buns I’ve ever had. The brioche is soft yet chewy with sustenance, and not too oily or buttery. The grilled capsicum is slightly sweet, and together with the parsley are great fresh elements. The pickled onions hit the sour vinegar spot, but its the paprika mayo that ties everything together with its creamy texture.

The bolar steak sandwich is in itself a snapshot of the flavours from a Thai or Vietnamese beef salad. Everything in it does nothing by halves. The slight bite of heat from the charred chilli, the crisp wombok salad, the fresh coriander, and that zesty punchy chilli lime mayo sauce. I don’t know what else they mixed into that mayo but there is just so much flavour. Great strong flavours throughout this whole sandwich. Even writing this now, I’m counting the days till when I can head back for another bite. This sandwich was that good.

The prices for the sandwich are a little steep for an everyday lunch but you can be assured you’re paying for the very best in ingredients. Portion sizes aren’t huge, but I left feeling content.

With our sandwiches we enjoyed two local ciders. Pagan apple cider was crisp, fizzy and delicious. Willie smiths organic pear cider from Huon valley is a cloudy beverage, and has a more fermented taste.

In conclusion:
Make sure you stop here for a lunch, or a breakfast, or a snack sandwich. I promise that you will not regret it. To enjoy the food here you do need to be someone who likes bread, and salad, and flavour. If you’re any sort of decent person who enjoys eating, then you have to try a sandwich from here. We felt so good after eating this that we didn’t even want to sully the aftertaste by getting frozen yoghurt. My favourite was the bolar steak sandwich since I’m asian and I like asian flavours, but the roast chicken was still pretty amazing.

100 Elizabeth St
Hobart, Tasmania
0456 780 224

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