Sunday, 28 December 2014

Eating: Yering Station, Yarra Glen

Yering Station

It's a beautiful restaurant space with high ceilings and large windows giving a wonderful dining atmosphere. The girls got all dressed up and had a sumptuous lunch here.

The complimentary bread and garlic spread was definitely a great way to start off the meal, the garlic spread was had a smooth and creamy finish.

My dish of the crispy skin barramundi, beetroot risotto, smoked mussels and baby leeks, was satisfactory overall. The fish was well cooked and moist. Unfortunately my particular fish was overcooked on the bottom. The promised crispy was a disappointment as it had more of a chew then a crunch. The overall flavours of the dish were a little plain. Originally the beetroot jelly, and beetroot risotto confused me as the jelly packed a raw punch to it, whereas the risotto was plain. Only when I mixed the jelly with the actual risotto did the flavours balance out.

The dish overall wasn't a terrible dish, but when you take into account the $40 price tag, it's not a dish I'd spend that sort of money on again.

The rest of the group had an overall positive experience but were not amazed by the food.

Entree: Roasted quail with pork stuffing and shallots. The breast was slightly overcooked, and was not deboned. The overall taste was good.

Entree: Wilhelmina rainbow trout, scallops, spring peas, yuzu. The girls found this one to be refreshing, with the pea puree providing a smooth and creamy texture.

Main: Duck breast, parfait, charred chorizo, cumquat gel. The duck meat was tender with a crispy skin.
Main: Blue eye, charred cos, buttermilk pomme puree, puffed sesame seeds. The fish was well cooked, but slightly bland flavours.

Main: Pumpkin and goat’s cheese cannelloni, manuka honey veloute. This was a tasty dish, but was lacking a large pumpkin presence.

Main: Eye fillet, roasted kohlrabi, horseradish, marrow, croquette. General consensus was that this was the best dish of the lot. The beef was well cooked with the creamy fatty marrow making it more decadent. The croquette was also a delicious addition with bits of pulled pork, lifting the dish to the next level.

Side: Thick cut chips, truffle hollandaise. One of the highlights with a crunchy exterior and fluffy interior. There is good distribution of the hollandaise sauce on the chips.

2013 Yering station village off dry riesling. Light and sweet fruity tastes, but not too sweet. I'm not a huge wine drinker but this was a refreshing glass.

In conclusion: I personally wasn't impressed by the dishes presented here. Once you weigh in the cost of each main and the time it takes to get here I wouldn't be persuaded to come back to this area just for this restaurant. 

If you've never been to this area before and want to do a day trip out to the region then it may be worth a drop in. I would recommend the eye fillet or duck breast with a side of chips.

Yering Station
38 Melba Highway
Yarra Glen 3775
(03) 9730 0100

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