Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Travel & Eating: Petty Sessions Cafe, Franklin

Travel: Tahune Airwalk, Geeveston, Tasmania
Eating: Petty Sessions Cafe, Franklin

Our time in Hobart was just too short. After our brunch session in Hobart we decided we needed to make the most of the little time we had. We were here for the Better Half’s, sister’s wedding. So we really only had one and a half days to ourselves before we got swept up in the pre-wedding preparation, wedding day, and post wedding clean up. But all that was still to come.

We spent the earlier part of the day at the Tahune Airwalk. The drive to Geeveston is stunning in itself, as you come through the Huon valley. The way the edge of the water is a meter away from the edge of the road in some places, as it winds its way through Huonville, Franklin and Geeveston. How the yachts and boats moored on the water float as if they’re suspended on a world of liquid clouds. The Tahune Airwalk is well maintained with easy tracks, and cleared paths. We exhausted ourselves with traipsing over the airwalk, awkwardly pirate-leg swinging over swinging bridges, and noisily admired our way through the pine walks. We couldn’t wait until arriving in Hobart for our late lunch, and were fortunate enough to give this Franklin cafe a go.

Petty Sessions is a beautiful cafe, renovated from an existing family home. It is nestled in the lush orchard filled Huon valley next to the Huon river.

For the few hours we had spent in Tasmania, I’d heard the concept of the scallop pie advertised from multiple menu of the day blackboards around Hobart, so I decided to satisfy my curiosity.

The scallop pie is comfort food at its best, with its large succulent scallops. The scallops themselves are tender, with their roe still attached. The choice to leave the roe on reinforced the scallops flavour, and helped it pair beautifully with the creamy curry based sauce. The instant-curry-powder style curry  definitely had a little kick that stopped you from ever getting sick of this taste. The pastry is soft and a little flakey, but just the way a pie should be. I remember a baker uncle once telling me that the butter should be mixed well into the pastry but not too well that it becomes tough, but just enough that it helps it flake. I never really understood what he meant, I presume this must be a good example. The chips were perfectly fried with the right amount of seasoning, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This was definitely a generous serving.

The Better Half chose the seafood linguini, which also had a lovely chilli kick to it but without the burn. The seafood is cooked well with plenty of flavour, that does not let the freshness of the seafood down. Another perfect comfort food dish, and what you see pictured is actually the entree size.

In conclusion:
We stopped here on a note of desperation for a late lunch, and were pleasantly surprised. The hour was quiet and the lunch crowd had come and gone, so the natural beauty surrounding the cafe made the dining experience soothing. Service was tad slow, but owing to the odd hour we were eating at we couldn't fault them.

The food was generous in both size and taste. Everything was cooked well with none of the seafood being overcooked. My favourite was the scallop pie with the curry based creamy sauce, matching well with the scallop roe flavour. I already miss this comfort food dish.

Petty Sessions Cafe
3445 Huon Highway 
Tasmania, 7113
03 6266 3488

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